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Sour Punch Bites, Ragin' Reds, Front of pack
Sour Punch Bites, Ragin’ Reds Favorite Red Flavor Sour Candy, 9oz Bag, back of bag
Sour Punch Bites, Ragin' Reds Easter candy
Sour Punch Bites®, Ragin’ Reds Favorite Red Flavor Sour Candy, 9oz Bag, Nutrition & Ingredients Image

Sour Punch Bites Ragin Red 9oz Bag

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  • Soft & chewy sour candy bites in favorite red flavors
  • 4 Ragin’ Reds varieties: Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry & Raspberry
  • Pair these mouthwatering Bites® with salty snacks on movie night
  • Approximately 9 servings (90 pieces) per bag
  • Experience a rush of sour flavor smothered over sweet candy bites
  • Stock up your pantry with these resealable bags that keep candy fresh
  • Bites® also available in Tropical Blends, Strawberry & Assorted Flavors
  • Sour Punch ® is a Low fat, low sodium, Kosher certified candy

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    • A big bag of Sour Punch Bites® in your favorite red sour candy flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry & Raspberry
    • Each soft and chewy candy piece is coated in mouthwatering sour sugar and bursting with delicious fruit flavor
    • With 9 servings in each bag, these sweet & sour Bites® are perfect for sharing at the beach or around a campfire
    • Pick your favorite flavor, or mix & match a handful of Ragin’ Reds Bites®, to satisfy your sneakiest sour cravings!
    • Enjoy each colorful fruit flavored bite with a smile. Sour Punch ® candy is always low fat, low sodium & Kosher
    • Single item dimensions: 5.4" x 4.1" x 8.5"
    • 12-pack dimensions: 10.9" x 9.1" x 8.5"